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Are you running a complex IT project? Do you need to provide your client with the best IT experts? This solution is perfect for you!

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We offer the highest cooperation security, guaranteed service quality and transparent billing models.

We will take on even the most complex and extensive orders for both private and public sectors. We can take responsibility for just a part, or for the entirety of a project being implemented by you; regardless of the requirements, deadlines or the ordering party. We create a team of experienced IT specialists who are able to help you in every implementation.

  • Comprehensive implementation. We will assemble a team of specialists who are relevant to your project. We will manage the team and you will just receive the result of their work complete with a copyright transfer.
  • Focus on key areas of activity. Thanks to us, you have the opportunity to focus solely on the essence of your business operation.
  • High level of control. We provide you with an SLA and precise reporting at every stage of your project's implementation. You have control over the selection of specialists and all the decisions made.
  • Lower costs. You will not bear the cost of recruitment and employment. We take responsibility for a punctual provision of the required HR competencies.
  • Minimizing risk. Thanks to project outsourcing, you reduce the risk of not meeting the deadline and exceeding the project's budget.
  • Settlement model: Time & Material. Settlement is based on an hourly rate depending on the actual working time of hired specialists.

Other cooperation models

With us, you can quickly acquire world-class specialists for your project.

Time & Material projects are currently the most popular form of cooperation in IT projects. They allow you to define project requirements on an ongoing basis and using agile project management methodologies (Agile). These methods give the best end results. The customer can be sure that he will receive the product as expected. In this formula, our Team can work from our headquarters as well as yours. We settle monthly from hours worked based on reports from completed tasks.

The Team Leasing formula allows you to hire an entire IT team that will support your company, for a specific project, or for a specific period of time. We are able to form a team of specialists with knowledge of programming mobile, frontend and backend applications. We have extensive experience with Java, .NET, Python, Javascript, Node.js, PHP, React, Angular. We are able to work from our headquarters and use our own infrastructure, but we can also delegate a team to work at your headquarters. We place emphasis on good programming practices such as DevOPS, Continuous Delivery and Continuous Deployment and Continuous Integration (CI), Test-driven development (TDD), Domain-driven design (DDD). We use Atlassian (Jira, Confluence), cloud computing solutions Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure.