Cooperation models Outsourcing of experts

Are you looking for specialists who will support you in your projects? Do you want to find an expert who will solve your pressing issues? This solution is perfect for you!

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Cost optimization

Time savings

Higher efficiency

We offer the highest security of cooperation, guarantee the quality of our services and have transparent billing models.


Currently, the most popular form of cooperation within the IT market, it allows you to reduce HR costs, manage the project budget more effectively, reduce operational risk and streamline the execution of each order. As IT and recruitment specialists, we can guarantee that only the best of the best experts work on your project.


  • Cost optimization. You pay only for the completed task. You reduce recruitment and HR costs.
  • Time savings. We'll take care of finding the right people, allowing you to focus on your core business.
  • Higher efficiency. By commissioning the implementation of a task, you can be sure that it will be carried out by highly specialized professionals.
  • High level of control. You have influence over the selection of specialists and it is you who makes all key decisions. The hired specialists are directly managed by you.
  • Comfortable settlement, less responsibility. We assume all obligations arising from the Labor Code. You only receive an invoice for the completed services.
  • Settlement model: Time & Material. Settlement is based on an hourly rate depending on the actual work done by the hired specialists.


Other cooperation models

With us, you can quickly acquire world-class specialists for your project.

We can take responsibility for just a part, or for the entirety of a project being implemented by you; regardless of the requirements, deadlines or the ordering party

We have a database of tens of thousands IT expert profiles and can carry out a multi-stage, professional recruitment for every IT position.

The Team Leasing formula allows you to hire an entire IT team which will support your company on a specific project or for a given duration.