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Our candidate base has several thousands of records and our HR specialists are capable of recruiting for every IT position.

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Technical verification of candidates


Success Fee

We offer the highest cooperation security, guaranteed service quality and transparent billing models.

We have an IT expert database of several dozen thousand entries and we conduct multistage, professional recruitment processes for any IT position. Do you want to hire IT experts full time? Are you having a problem finding the candidate who will meet the high demands of your project or do not know how to check their competences? This solution is perfect for you!

  • Highly qualified recruiters. By commissioning the recruiting process, you can be sure that it will be carried out properly and the candidates' competences will be adequately verified.
  • Effectiveness. The recruitment methods we use allow us to find the right candidates in a short period of time.
  • Warranty. We provide our clients with a 3-month warranty for the service provided.
  • Settlement model: Success fee payable after the right candidate has been found. Billing is in accordance with the Team Connect price list.

Other cooperation models

With us, you can quickly acquire world-class specialists for your project.

We can take responsibility for just a part, or for the entirety of a project being implemented by you; regardless of the requirements, deadlines or the ordering party

By outsourcing IT specialists, you can lower your HR cost and manage a project budget more efficiently, while—at the same time—lowering operational risks and streamlining the delivery of every task.

The Team Leasing formula allows you to hire an entire IT team which will support your company on a specific project or for a given duration.