Cooperation models Team Leasing

Team Leasing is the most flexible form of cooperation used in IT projects delivery. It allows for a systematic and timely development of the subsequent project stages and effective management of the entire IT team.

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Effective management

Cost optimization


We offer the highest cooperation security, guaranteed service quality and transparent billing models.

Team Leasing - TL is similar to Outsourcing of Experts, but--in this model--we provide the entire project team. Outside of the T&M settlement, the client can also be invoiced on a per-Sprint basis.

The Team Leasing formula allows you to hire an entire IT team which will support your company on a specific project, or for a specific period of time. Such a flexible and beneficial form of cooperation allows you to reduce the costs related to employment and employee sourcing. It is also an opportunity to employ a well-coordinated team that has experience in the specific industry or in a particular type of project.

Flexibility first

Team Leasing is the most flexible form of cooperation used in IT projects. It allows not only for systematic and timely delivery of the subsequent project stages, but also for the most efficient management of the IT team, making it possible to redirect the team to work on the most important tasks.

Benefits second

The Team Leasing model is characterized not only by the possibility to conveniently employ an entire team of experts, but also by a beneficial settlement method. The ordering party can be billed according to the model chosen by them:

  • T&M contract (time & material), i.e. service fees according to hourly rates
  • fees for subsequent, already delivered, sections of work

Other cooperation models

With us, you can quickly acquire world-class specialists for your project.

Fixed Price is a cooperation model in which, after the Pre-implementation Analysis, we define the scope of work to be carried out, the project schedule and its total cost. We can take responsibility for part or all of the project that you implement. We place emphasis on good programming practices such as DevOPS, Continuous Delivery and Continuous Deployment and Continuous Integration (CI), Test-driven development (TDD), Domain-driven design (DDD). We use Atlassian (Jira, Confluence), cloud computing solutions Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure.

Time & Material projects are currently the most popular form of cooperation in IT projects. They allow you to define project requirements on an ongoing basis and using agile project management methodologies (Agile). These methods give the best end results. The customer can be sure that he will receive the product as expected. In this formula, our Team can work from our headquarters as well as yours. We settle monthly from hours worked based on reports from completed tasks.